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About LizardMaster178

LizardMaster178 is an epic user who contributes to loads on wikis on Wikia. His birthday is on December 19th; he is a very huge Pokémon fan and loves lizards. He has a special leopard gecko named Lenny which he keeps.

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    Standing towards the green lush of the spring leaves, the air bloomed towards me, brushing my hair to the side. My sky blue eyes glittered in the sun, staring towards its light. It burnt my eyes as I turned away. The lily pads on the small stream twinkled like stars, with unusual glittery dust on it. I watched nature as what it did best. The birds tweeted in glee, the insects munched on plants, snakes hunting on the ground ready to camouflage near the bark of the trees, squirrels chewing on nuts, and I just stood there, watching. Suddenly, I heard twigs snapping and the bushes rustling. I slowly crept towards where the sound was coming from, and out of nowhere, she quickly jumped out and surprised me. "Janine!" I screamed whilst br…

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